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Jos N. Banks joins the cast of Steppenwolf Theatre Company's hit play CHOIR BOY

By: Grace Cutler   / 07.02. 2022

Steppenwolf Theatre Company will welcome Chicago actor  Jos N. Banks (He/They) to the cast of its hit play CHOIR BOY, written by Oscar-winning ensemble member Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight). Banks, last seen in Steppenwolf's Ms. Blakk for President, will replace Tyler Hardwick in the role of Pharus Young through July 24, 2022 in Steppenwolf's Downstairs Theater. Directed by Kent Gash, the cast also includes La Shawn Banks, Sheldon D. Brown, Richard DavidWilliam DickGilbert Domally and Samuel B. Jackson.”

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Pride is the Prerogative in ‘Ms. Blakk For President’ at Steppenwolf Theatre
By: Lonnae Hickman / 06. 21. 2019

I had the privilege of seeing Tarell Alvin McCraney’s understudy, Jos. N Banks play the role of Joan Jett Blakk, and he truly stole the show that night. As the lead, he brought a lot of depth, comedy, and life to a character that could come off as pretty bland. The way this character is written does not allow a lot of vulnerability or depth. I’m not interested in stories about perfect and invincible people, but Banks manages to chip away at this character to show impactful small moments of vulnerability. ”

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BWW Review: KINKY BOOTS at Shanghai Culture Square
By: Tamires Lietti    / 07.31. 2018

“This kinky musical keeps you entertained from the very first minute to the very last. Jos N. Banks is absolutely flawless and I'm not talking only about the sparkling dresses and the insanely beautiful red leather boots. He gives life to Lola, a drag queen that can easily distract you from RuPaul. He delivers successfully a bunch of giggles with a precious dose of dark humor. The emotional part of Lola's story is just the cherry on top.”

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By: Justine Ocampo / 10.10.2018

Jos N. Banks, who you may know from 2014 National Tour of Hair, gives an excellent performance of Lola. Whether it’s as Lola or Simon, Banks successfully evokes the complex emotions and conditions his character faces as a queen who goes against the norm. He gives a heart-wrenching rendition of ‘Hold Me In Your Heart’, a love song for his father to unconditionally accept him for who he is. But at the same time, it’s also a song addressed to the audience to love him as both Lola and Simon.”

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Theatre Review: ‘Kinky Boots’ Is A Riotous Good Time
10.10. 2018

“As leading drag queen Lola, Jos N. Banks steals every scene he’s in and captivates us with those incredible vocal pipes that are at once commanding and soothing. If only we could have a pocket-sized version of Banks to sing us to sleep every night. Banks switches effortlessly between the take-charge alter-ego Lola, and the more vulnerable Simon (his birth name), immersing himself wholly in each character from their clothing to their musical style. The introduction of Simon comes in one of the musical’s most pivotal ballads, “Not My Father’s Son,” where Banks warms and breaks our hearts at the same time.”

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Review: Tony award-winning musical Kinky Boots kicks the soul factor up a notch
By: Olivia Ho / 10.09.2018

Jos N. Banks plays the statuesque Lola with a studied effortlessness. Charlie says of Lola that she leaves a “big, gaping hole” in the room after she departs, and this is the case with Banks, whose absence is palpable in every scene Lola is not in.”

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Review: Kinky Boots presented by Base Entertainment Asia
By: bakchormeeboy    / 10.05. 2018


Jos N. Banks, on the other hand, makes for the very splitting image of Lola, both a model man and woman as his muscular stature balances out with a feminine grace and commandeering physical presence. Banks’ performance also lends a surprising vulnerability to Lola, with his voice delivering a soaring, emotional version of “Not My Father’s Son”. Sharing undeniable onstage chemistry with Bordelon is precisely what made that particular scene one of the standouts of the evening, cementing Charlie and Lola’s friendship over their shared father issues, and addressing the rising fear of not living up to a family’s expectations, deeply embedded in many audience members’ hearts.”

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‘17/18 StageSceneLA’s Scenie Awards • • •

I’ve been nominated & deemed WINNER of my first award for my portrayal of Lola in Kinky Boots by the StageScene LA’s “Scenie” Awards! Category is: “Break Out Performance in a Touring Production” - Jos N. Banks as Lola in KINKY BOOTS!!! It’s an honor to even be recognized, thank you Steven Stanley for the acknowledgment and shedding so much love to our entire production while we performed at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Southern, CA. You all were nothing but LOVE, & I love ya for it! 

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‘Kinky Boots’ struts its stuff into Hancher, courtesy of the nimble Jos N. Banks
By: Colleen Kennedy / 04.14. 2018


“With Lola’s appearance, however, the play truly begins. Jos N. Banks is bewitching as Lola, the cabaret performer with the quick one-liners and a penchant for wearing out her stilettos. Banks is a nimble performer, playing Lola with Tina Turner legs and pizazz, seducing factory workers and the audience in numbers such as “Sex is in the Heel” and “What a Woman Wants.” He also belts out the heartbreaking “Hold Me in Your Heart,” and harmonizes beautifully with Reinhard on the touching “Not My Father’s Son.”

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REVIEW: Jos N. Banks Shines In Kinky Boots Tour (Ordway) 
By: Kit Bix / 04.05.2018

“Now I need to talk about Jos N. Banks. Simply put (and in honor of the opening of baseball season), he knocks it out of the park. Banks has a powerful set of pipes and a vocal range to die for. As Lola, he is at turns strong or gentle, sassy or vulnerable, and dreamy or commanding. He brought down the house twice on Tuesday night, first with the tender ballad, “Not My Father’s Son,” by far the most moving and most memorable song of Lauper’s score. The second set him under the spotlight in a delicate, thin-strapped gold dress, belting out “Hold Me in Your Heart.”

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BWW Review: KINKY BOOTS Plays The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater
By: Natasha Ashley / 03.14. 2018


"Jos N. Banks dazzles in the role of Lola. He struts across the stage with confidence and passion and his impressive acting, singing, and dancing make him a true triple threat. His vocals are powerful, passionate, and memorable in each number, and he connects very well with the material. He displays confidence when he sings "Sex Is in the Heel," and brings the comedy in "What a Woman Wants." His rendition of "Hold Me in Your Heart" is breathtaking, but it's "Not My Father's Son" that packs the greatest emotional punch. This is the finest number Ms. Lauper wrote for the show because sometimes less is more. Banks is also just purely entertaining in his various numbers with the Angels.”

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Famous Artists' 'Kinky Boots' is a kicking good time!  
By: Len Fonte / 03.14.2018

“As embodied by golden-voiced Jos N. Banks, Lola is a gem of theatricality, towering above the rest of the cast even without those ruby-red bespangled boots. Whether leading the factory in a joyous exploration of "What a Woman Wants," bearing his soul to Charlie in the moving "Not My Father's Son," or looking a lot like Whitney Houston in the ballad "Hold me in Your Heart”, Banks is the spark that lights "Kinky Boots." 

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"Kinky Boots" leaves lasting impression in first night of three at Lied Center
By: Caleb Bright / 03.10. 2018


"Another moment, Lola is belting her powerhouse vocals in a full gown with lights beaming out behind her in a robust, heartbreaking solo during “Hold Me In Your Heart.” Banks proved his talent from the get go, cleanly resting on notes high in the soprano register during “Land of Lola” and “Not My Father’s Son.” Most of the time he’s dancing vigorously.”

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‘Kinky Boots’ entertaining while exploring discrimination, bias, friendship
By: David Burke / 1.10.2018

"As Lola, Jos N. Banks is a force of nature. A bundle of energy on stage, and even the center of attention when he’s hired at the factory – wearing man’s clothes and occasionally known by his given name of Simon – men and women can’t take their eyes off the fireball. The audiences agreed, giving Banks hoots and hollers before he sang his first note."

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Theater Review: At PPAC, hard not to get a kick out of ‘Kinky Boots’
By: Channing Gray / 12.8. 2017


"Lola, played with passion and ferocity by Jos N. Banks, steals the show, both as a commanding presence and a performer,. Near the end of the show, Banks appears in drag singing at her father’s nursing home, and standing before a blaze of spotlights lets loose with a crushing rendition of “Hold Me in Your Heart.”

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BWW Review: KINKY BOOTS at Robinson Performance Hall
by: Mike Nolan / 10.17.2017

"Jos N. Banks is stunning, flawless and powerful throughout. Whether singing the brassy "Land of Lola" or the thrilling "Sex is in the Heel" We also see his gorgeous softer side along with Charlie on "Not My Father's Son."

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Jos N. Banks kills it as drag queen Lola in 'Kinky Boots' at Academy of Music / 10.04.2017

"Backed by his six-man drag-queen chorus, aptly named The Angels, Jos N. Banks owned the show as Lola with a full-throated, pedal-to-the-metal performance. His Lola perfectly epitomized the classic drag queen’s panache for exhibitionism and camp. Happily, Banks avoided the saccharine sentimentality so many actors use to soften drag-queen characters. He was equally if not even more compelling in men’s clothing as Simon — his birth name — in a pivotal scene that explored his turbulent relationship to his father. That scene ends with one of the show’s best songs, the lyrical, bittersweet “Not My Father’s Son,” a mirror-image of the “Price & Son” opening number.

I’m not sure many actors could match the intensity of Banks’ Lola."

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BWW Review: KINKY BOOTS at Starlight Theatre
By: Paul Bolton / 10.02.2017

"Jos N Banks, as Lola, is a quadruple threat! Banks' acting makes one think he was born onstage and has never left. His singing and dancing in numbers like "Sex is in the Heel" are stellar, and his acrobatics in both heels and boxing gloves must make him the envy of the Broadway acting community. "

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Welcome to Our Future! Jos N. Banks & Lance Bordelon will Lead the Kinky Boots National Tour / 9.19.2017

Everybody say yeah! Jos N. Banks and Lance Bordelon have been cast as Simon/Lola and Charlie Price, respectively, in the national tour of Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper's Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots. Banks and Bordelon will begin headlining the high-heeled and fabulous show on September 19 when Kinky Boots plays Grand Forks' Chester Fritz Auditorium.

Banks and Bordelon will be joined by Sydney Patrick as Lauren, Adam du Plessis as Don, Hayley Lampart as Nicola, and John Anker Bow as George.

Rounding out the ensemble are Brandon Alberto, Eric Stanton Betts, Derek Brazeau, Tyler Jent, Tony Tillman, and Ernest Terrelle Williams as "the Angels," plus Daniel Joseph Baker, Monica Ban, Natalie Braha, Jeffrey B. Duncan, Madeline Fansler, Andrew Hendrick, Bethany Xan Jeffery, Lindsay Joan, Chris Kane, Ethan Kirschbaum, Andrew Malone, Madison Pugh, Jace Reinhard and Eric Shonk.

Directed and choreographed by Tony winner Jerry Mitchell, Kinky Boots opened on Broadway on April 4, 2013 and continues to play at the Hirschfeld Theatre. The musical took home six 2013 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Score (Lauper), Best Choreography (Mitchell), Best Orchestrations and Best Sound Design.

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Complete Cast Announced for Kinky Boots National Tour / 9.19.2017

Troika Entertainment has announced the complete cast for the current national tour of the Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots, which concludes a two-night engagement in Grand Forks, North Dakota, at the Chester Fritz Auditorium September 19.

Leading the new tour are Lance Bordelon as Charlie Price, Jos N. Banks as Lola, Sydney Patrick as Lauren, Adam du Plessis as Don, Hayley Lampart as Nicola, and John Anker Bow as George.


Brandon Alberto, Eric Stanton Betts, Derek Brazeau, Tyler Jent, Tony Tillman, and Ernest Terrelle Williams play the Angels, and the ensemble features Daniel Joseph Baker, Monica Ban, Natalie Braha, Jeffrey B. Duncan, Madeline Fansler, Andrew Hendrick, Bethany Xan Jeffery, Lindsay Joan, Chris Kane, Ethan Kirschbaum, Andrew Malone, Madison Pugh, Jace Reinhard, & Eric Shonk.

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